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We, PROGRESS company, have over 10 years of combined experience helping companies with their domestic and global logistics and freight equipment trading. We are the leading container seller with Russia wide coverage as well as far abroad holding connections in major container ports all over the world. Our mission is to maintain both local and global presence achieved through mutual respect and reliability with our clients as well as our partners around the world.

When you contract with PROGRESS, you receive:


We offer a one-stop solution for container trading and logistics.


We put honesty and integrity first. We maintain full responsibility in all actions from start to the end.


We use the most advantageous methods to achieve our client’s goals without heavily burdening their budget.


Our objective is to deliver revolutionary innovations and technologies to our customers to satisfy their needs as quickly, easily and effectively as possible.

We offer new and used units in a range of sizes, including 10′, 20′, 40′, 45′ and 53’. Whether you need one container, hundreds of containers, or total logistics,
we are the simple, ethical, efficient and affordable solution for your needs.



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    45 feet Pallet Wide Container

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    40 feet High Cube Pallet Wide Container

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    Container leasing and cabotage


    We are well-established within the leasing business and offer both one-way lease and long-term lease. Furthermore, we can help you determining whether leasing of containers or purchasing containers are the right approach to fit your requirements.


    Leasing of containers on a long-term basis is suitable for the customer who needs containers for a specific period of time. The benefits of long-term lease is low rental charges and the possibility to either return the container or buy it at a reasonable price after the lease has been terminated.


    We specialize in supplying containers to the container shipping and forwarding business for its one-way shipments.
    Both parties can benefit from the One-Way move, both in terms of streamlining operations and reducing cost, although the concept may not be possibly the same on every route.

    Our containers are available and/or can be redelivered in/to Netherland (Rotterdam), Belgium (Antwerpen), Denmark (Aarhus), Germany (Hamburg, Bremen and other), Russia (St.Petersburg, Moscow, Ekaterinburg, Kazan and other), China (Shanghai, Xiamen, Ningbo, Quingdao and other) and a lot of other locations all over the world.

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    Sale-buy-back can be an attractive alternative to one-way leasing. When you buy containers from us, we can, at the same time, agree on a buy-back price at their destination. You don’t have to sell the containers back to us. It is an option that gives you the possibility to calculate your all-in cost in advance plus you know that you can get rid of the containers when your need for them is over.

    Please do not hesitate to contact one of our offices for more details.

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      We are ready to provide superior service in regard to domestic and international logistics. Our expertise and best practice in knowing local markets enable us to streamline the process of delivering your cargo anywhere in the world by truck, rail and sea transport.Despite the size and complexity of your cargo we offer end-to-end solutions for its transportation.

      Dry cargo

      Our dry cargo service is the simplest and ready working. Though we extended our dry cargo services to customers looking to ship food-grade, hazardous and rare/precious cargoes.

      Reefer cargo logistics

      We have substantial stock of reefers allowing us to carry cargos requiring special temperature ranges all way during the transit.

      We hold to carry out pre-trip inspection (PTI) checks which ensures the very best service and equipment to fulfil your requirements.

      Oversized cargo

      We provide services ensuring effective project cargo management, with special attention to heavy lift cargo and oversized cargo which cannot fit inside a standard container.

      This type of cargo is loaded and secured onto platform, single flat rack or open top unit. It can also be placed onto a few flat racks on the deck which enables its secure transportation.

      Customs clearing

      We can actually offer customs clearance service to provide an easy, efficient and legally compliant transit of international cargo.

      If you would like to find out more please contact our office today.

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      198097, St. Petersburg, Trefoleva st., Building 2, korpus 8, letter C, room 68
      +7 (812) 213-3-213
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